Wapahani Grad Leads Medical Mission trip

Here are the basics of our 1975 Wapahani Alumni medical mission trip to Guatemala, the team and how it came together and what we will be doing.

I (Bryan aka Buzza Buchanan) am from the Wapahani Class of 1975 and have not been able to be back in the States during any of the class reunions since I graduated from Wapahani. I have been doing medical and dental work in the mission field for that past 30 years in five different countries but the last 16 years here in Guatemala.

I have a dormitory made for hosting medical teams. So this lets teams from the States come here and help me to do medical/dental clinics in remote Mayan villages here in Guatemala.

After the last reunion of all classes the class of 75 had their own reunion and some of the folks were talking about I wonder where Buzza is? I am sure most thought prison or a mental ward, but some knew I was here in Guatemala. I ended up talking to some of them after the reunion and they said they would like to come down here and visit me and see some of Guatemala. I said what if we put a team together of 15 of our classmates and we can have some adventures and do some medical clinics in the villages. Well before I knew it we had a full team and I was having to tell other folks that I could only take 15 because that is all my shuttle bus will seat.

So we set a date for February 4 through February 10, 2017. We established a Wapahani Jungle Group chat room on Facebook and we all talk about what to bring and what to expect and who will be meeting the next Saturday at Pizza King in Muncie. They get together and rekindle their relationships and make plans for the trip.

The team consist of:

Mary Ann Boggs Lowther
Joe Bebout
Mike Rozelle
Judy Southworth Cox
Rita Dragoo
Cheri Fisher Richard
Peggy Foreman Miller
Brian & Charla Hiatt
Vicki Reynolds Gibson
Susan McCloud White
Cinda Priddy
Lesta Hedrick Andersen
Shanna Humbert Gill
Bryan Buchanan

The team will be flying from Indy, Phoenix, Miami and all will meet in San Pedro Sula Honduras where I will pick them up at the airport and then we will drive 4 hours into Guatemala.

We will be sight seeing a lot of beautiful places here. We live on the Rio Dulce River which is listed in Sail magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful rivers in the world. We will be spending a day on and island and then visiting the grandaddy of all Mayan Ruins called Tikal.

But we will also be going into remote villages doing medical clinics. The team will be bringing school supplies for kids who cannot go to school because they do not have money for books or supplies.

We will be giving out much needed vitamins to adult and children who are mal-nourished. Also medicines for skin problems, meds for intestinal worms and parasites. We will also have a pharmacy to give out antibiotics and other medicine they just cannot afford to get here.

It should be a trip of a lifetime. many people have taken vacations to Cancun or Cruises and they are wonderful. But this is a trip that has a purpose to have fun and rekindle friendships, but also help some very poor people at the same time.

We all cannot wait!

If you have any questions or would like more info here is my web page: www.Junglemedicmissions.org

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